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Hanfthaler Organic Hemp Beer

Hanfthaler Organic Hemp Beer



Unfiltered organic hemp blossom full beer. 100% natural ingredients and all the positive properties of hemp make it so special. Contains barley malt. Brewed with original organic hemp flowers from the Hanfthal region.

Alcohol content: 4.9%. 0.33 liters.

The flower of the hemp plant provides some tasty flavors. The beer brewers of the Middle Ages already knew this, who used hemp flowers as well as hemp to flavor their beer. Hemp is also botanically related to hops and gives this beer a distinctive character.  

“It reminds me of our common hemp harvest in the hemp country. Very pleasantly mild, slightly sweet hemp note in the odor. This comes from the hemp plants that we have harvested and "married" to the beer as a 'spice' - when it has matured for several weeks in the storage tank.

... Then I'll take the first sip. A very mild and balanced Zwickl beer, round in taste with a pleasant hemp tone in the aftertaste "says brewmaster DI Reinhold Barta, qualified beer sommelier and native of Laaer, about the new Hanfthaler hemp beer.

Ingredients: organic barley, single grain, spelled malt, organic hemp flowers from the hemp country, organic hops, brewer's yeast

The Hanfthaler Bio Hanfbier is an unfiltered organic whole beer, which is made from organic barley, einkorn and spelled malt as well as hops and hemp flowers. The Hanfthaler organic hemp beer is brewed and bottled exclusively for Hanfland in the brewery Gusswerk in Salzburg.

"unfiltered organic full beer with hemp flowers from the hemp country"

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