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Hempy Bio Hanf-Leckerlis - CBDNOL

Hempy organic hemp treats



Our organic hemp pellets are ready to feed and can be fed as a healthy treat without further intermediate treatment. They are not only suitable as a health-promoting additional food or for the treatment of the spa, but also as a nutrition-conscious snack in between! Especially suitable for horses and dogs.
Feed material
100% organic hemp press cake
Crude protein 30%, crude fat 9%, crude fiber 28%
Our organic hemp pellets are obtained from the hemp press cake produced during the cold pressing of hemp oil and naturally have a high content of essential fatty acids, high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Our hemp products are cultivated using certified seeds in accordance with the EU catalog of varieties by our contract farmers and processed gently. Hemp products contain all the important, unsaturated fatty acids required for a well-functioning metabolism.
The contained vitamins, minerals and trace elements support the animal health in a natural way, the contained omega-3 fatty acids have a visible effect on the healthy coat quality and also help with the change of coat!
Strengthen organic hemp pellets
the metabolism
the efficiency
the musculoskeletal system
the muscle building
the connective tissue
the nervous system
the immune system
Skin & coat
Content: 1kg

Protected from heat and light, store in a dry place.

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