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Into the Wild – Bio Handcreme - CBDNOL

Into the Wild - Organic Hand Cream



With the full power of nature to cultivated and noticeably gentler skin on the hands. Exclusively high-quality biological agents from nature and a complete renunciation of chemical additives, fragrances and additives ensure a natural experience and care for the hands.
High quality, natural and biological care
The composition of the BioBloom INTO THE WILD hand cream is perfectly tailored to the needs of stressed hands. Each ingredient of the cream performs important tasks in the regeneration and regulation of our hands. Essential fatty acids, trace elements and vitamins combine to form your ideal companion for the care of your hands.
Hemp oil is a nutrient-rich oil full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. By careful extraction, the variety of active ingredients can be preserved. Thus, the BioBloom hand cream can call on the whole positive spectrum of the care substances and protect and care for your skin.
Aloe Vera should not be missing in any medicine chest. It regulates the moisture balance of your hands and can be used as a support for skin diseases or skin irritations. It has a cooling and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Classic cases of application can be pimples, psoriasis, eczema or simply dry spots on the skin. In the entire composition of the hand cream was paid particular attention to a sustainable manufacturing process of the active ingredients. For example, only aloe vera juice with no additives was used. Only then can all the important components of this natural product be preserved.
The hemp tea extract combines the effect of the cream with the power of the cannabis plant, soothes the skin and contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This gives strength and provides our hands with vitamins and trace elements.
Shea butter - the gold of Africa was already considered a miracle cure by the ancient pharaohs. Cleverly, Cleopatra was already able to transport the valuable raw material in huge quantities by caravan to Egypt. Shea butter contains numerous ingredients that can significantly improve our skin's appearance. Above all, the butter regulates the moisture balance of our hands. Dry and chapped skin loves nothing more than shea butter. The cream ensures a beautiful healthy skin - in a 100% natural and biological way. The bio certified hemp cosmetics by BioBloom are filled into high quality glass bottles.
Massage the cream into the hands evenly several times a day as needed and allow to infuse.
Hemp tea, chamomile hydrolate, aloe vera juice, argan oil, shea butter, hemp seed oil, rice germ CO2 extract, inulin, sunflower phytosterols, calendula extract CO2.

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