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Jilter® Filter



42 Jilter - filters for low-pollutant smoking pleasure. Easy to use!

Jilter® was developed as a self-rotating filter to reduce the pollutants tar and nicotine.

A quality product

Jilter® are made from normal paper (cover material) and cellulose fibers (filter material).
Production takes place using health-compatible production processes.
The manufacturer guarantees high tar and nicotine retention.

Jilter® was developed by in such a way that the desired substances are influenced (the decrease in smoke is less than 1%).

Jilter® is also characterized by the fact that the mouth area is not contaminated by tobacco and the formation of tartar and tooth discoloration is reduced.

There is no loss of enjoyment by using Jilter®. Thanks to the lower falsification of the effect due to the nicotine and tar reduction, Jilter® enables more enjoyment and a more intense aroma of the additives.

The application of Jilter® is characterized by its easy handling. The turning of the "cigarette" is made easier by the fact that the mouthpiece and Jilter® form a compact unit and can be turned in easily.

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