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Medusafilters - vegan activated carbon filter made in Germany

  • vegan fiber caps
  • Coconut activated carbon
  • Diameter 6mm / length 25mm
  • environmentally friendly production in Germany

The vegan activated carbon filters from Medusafilters consist of thin, vegan cellulose sheets on the front and back and are filled with coconut activated carbon in the middle. This double filters the smoke and removes a large amount of impurities such as tar and condensate.

The taste of the filters is very neutral, the aroma of the tobacco products is retained and ensures a pleasant smoking experience.

On cold, damp days, the filters are very tolerant and do not clog . Even with too much or damp tobacco they are very tolerant and ensure a perfect passage.

Variants: 50 pieces in a refill bag or 100 pieces in a reusable glass

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