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OCB Activ'Tips - CBDNOL
  • OCB Activ'Tips Extra Slim 6mm - CBDNOL
  • OCB Activ'Tips Extra Slim 6mm
  • OCB Activ'Tips - CBDNOL
  • OCB Activ'Tips - CBDNOL
  • OCB Activ'Tips - CBDNOL

OCB Activ'Tips



With OCB ActivTips, every puff tastes pleasantly cool and dry and the pollution of the respiratory tract is reduced. OCB has put special emphasis on quality for the activated carbon used; specially shaped activated carbon pellets are used, which are produced according to strict specifications and adapted to your use.

OCB ActivTips use non-chlorine bleached, highly absorbent paper tubes that absorb excess liquid. The specially manufactured ceramic caps with a ring-shaped hole channel ensure the best swirling of the smoke and have pores for optimised absorbency.

Activated carbon filters reduce the pollutants that are absorbed to a minimum. In addition, the activated carbon helps to cool down the smoke faster and more efficiently, resulting in a pleasant taste.

Thanks to the heat-resistant ceramic caps on both sides, the twist-in filter can be used on both sides.


  • OCB Activ'Tips Slim activated carbon filter 7mm
  • OCB Activ'Tips EXTRA Slim activated charcoal filter 6mm

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