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OCB Kingsize Premium Slim + Filter
  • OCB Kingsize Premium Slim + Filter
  • Kingsize Premium Slim + Filter
  • OCB Kingsize Premium Slim + Filter CBDNOL

OCB Kingsize Premium Slim + Filter


OCB Premium Kingsize Slim papers and filters are a new product from the famous French brand OCB. These handy packs mean you never have to fill your pockets with unnecessary material as they provide everything you need for a quality roll up. You can expect the same premium King Slim papers that you would normally get with the added benefit of the tips included.

Different varieties OCB Papers:

OCB Kingsize Black Premium Slim + Filter - 32 papers and 32 filter tips per pack, each paper is 108mm long and 45mm wide.

OCB King Size Black Premium Slim - Almost legendary, premium paper in well-known OCB quality, nice and slim and long. Quantity: 32 papers. Length: 10,8 cm. Width: 4,5 cm. Thickness: thin.

OCB Roll Premium Slim - OCB Slim Rolls Premium as endless paper. Each roll of OCB Rolls Premium consists of approx. 4 m of rolled paper, 44 mm wide. You can cut the OCB Rolls Premium endless paper to size as you wish.

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