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Organic Hemp Leaf Powder (150g) - CBDNOL
Organic Hemp Leaf Powder

Organic Hemp Leaf Powder (150g)



Austrian organic hemp leaf powder is obtained from the leaves of the (useful) hemp plant, is free of THC and a health miracle in a class of its own!

Vital substance bomb: calcium, magnesium and iron naturally

10 g hemp leaf powder contain more than 300 mg calcium and thus cover almost a third of the daily requirement, as well as around 40 mg magnesium, 12 mg carotenes, 2.8 mg iron and a number of antioxidants. The ORAC value is 44,000 - higher than other superfoods.

10 g hemp leaf powder contains more calcium than 250 g yogurt and more iron than 100 g meat!

Recommended intake: Mix a tablespoon of hemp leaf powder into your (green) smoothie or juice, soups or sauces. Make sure you have enough vitamin C - the greener the better - to increase iron absorption. You can even mix some hemp leaf powder into your crackers or bread dough. Stir 1 to 2 tablespoons per day in muesli, shake or similar, up to 6 tablespoons can be consumed daily as required. Do not exceed the specified maximum amount of 6 tbsp!

Particularly suitable for vegans!

Content: 100% organic hemp leaf powder

Net quantity: 150 g

Store tightly closed, dry and protected from heat.

Austrian organic hemp leaf powder contains calcium, magnesium, carotenes, iron and antioxidants. 
ORAC value: 44,000 - significantly higher than other superfoods!

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