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Out of Earth N° 3 Face Gel "Clear" - CBDNOL
Out of Earth N° 3 Face Gel "Clear"

Out of Earth N° 3 Face Gel "Clear"

Out of Earth

  • Refreshing facial cleansing
  • Removes the finest skin particles and impurities
  • Smoothes skin imperfections and makes it supple
  • Cleans pores and soothes the skin (antibacterial)
  • Natural remedy for Propionibacterium Acnes
  • Oils prevent dehydration
  • Made in Austria

EARTH COSMETIC on a natural basis of hemp, hops, witch hazel, evening primrose, basil, horse chestnut leaf, star anise, ginger, turmeric, chamomile and peppermint.


The FACE CLEANSING GEL removes impurities of all skin types without drying out. Natural washing substances foam finely, penetrate into the smallest spaces and gently remove dirt and flakes. Cannabidiol and zinc PCA regulate the growth of sebum glands and the production of excessive sebum, and fight inflammatory processes. Clarifying chamomile extract enhances this effect. Turmeric improves the immune system of inflammatory, sensitive skin. A distillate made from witch hazel (witch hazel) ensures calming - even with itching.

Evening primrose oil is great for treating flaky skin. Linoleic and γ-linolenic acids do their work in the lipid structures of the skin, where they have a regenerating effect. Hemp oil supports the cleansing process and ensures a smooth complexion. Allantoin has a keratoplastic (corneal softening) effect, which facilitates the drainage of sebum. At the same time, it stimulates cell renewal. Hop extract brings nervous, overexcited and inflamed skin back into balance. Peppermint has an antiseptic effect, soothes skin impurities and gives the gel a fresh note.

Use twice a day on problematic skin on the face (morning and evening); do not apply oily cream afterwards; 1x daily for normal skin; can be combined with day or night cream; Before use, moisten the face and massage the gel gently; Leave on for 1-2 minutes and wash off with water; With regular use, the appearance of combination skin and oily skin can be sustainably improved; use within 6 months after opening.


Allantoin is known as cell renewing and cell regenerating. Its keratoplastic (corneal softening) effect can be used especially for acne and blemished skin. Allantoin soothes skin irritations and is extremely skin-friendly. It is particularly effective on inflammatory, sensitive, oily and impure skin. What is the Keratoplastic Effect? This means that allantoin splits the hydrogen bonds of the keratin of the keratinized cells in the horny layer and loosens their cohesion. This allows sebum to flow away better. An effect that is helpful for oily, impure skin conditions. 

Evening primrose oil organic

Evening primrose oil is ideal for flaky, inflammatory and dermatitic skin. Essential fatty acids are essential building blocks for the membrane of the skin cells. It has been scientifically proven that linoleic and γ-linolenic acids are incorporated into the lipid structures of the skin and regenerate them when applied topically.

Zinc PCA

Zinc PCA is a moisturizing raw material. It has antimicrobial and sebum-regulating effects. This makes it ideal for cleaning impure, oily skin. Acne skin benefits from the combination of moisture-binding and sebum-reducing properties.

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