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The Weezy
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The Weezy™

The Weezy



    You can enjoy the fresh Herby taste. Every time you light up for a couple of puffs.

    Just make sure you only smoke the first part of your smoke. And only this part :)

    Sounds crazy?

    But that's exactly what we did when we invented the Weezy and Jack-Pod systems.

    We just took the first, freshest part of the experience and put a sleeve around it.

    (well, full disclosure: we provide the pod, you have to fill it .. :)

    It's that simple. You fill your jack pods, unscrew the top of your Weezy, drop the pod, screw the top back on, and hold a light in front of it.

    Then suck the flame into the Weezy and it will give you fresh breaths. Every time.

    The smoke is filtered through the activated carbon filter built into the mouthpiece for a smoother and cleaner experience.

    Variants: The Weezy™ or 10x Jack Pods.

    Main features

    The Weezy is 9.2 cm long and weighs about 63 grams. 
    The unique patented cone-shaped design sits comfortably in the hand and can stand on your table or desk without falling over The Weezy comes with 1 reusable jack pod, which can contain up to 0.2 grams of material depending on the grind.
    The mouthpiece hides a special, exchangeable filter with activated carbon.
    Ensuring a smooth smoking experience and filtering out all the bad stuff Comes fully assembled for immediate use, insert a charged jack pod and light it up.

    The Weezy has a small compartment under the jack pod. It can hold a so-called Boost It Pod. This small pod can hold some terpene fluid, for example. Or a flavored e-liquid. With a Boost-iT you can improve the taste or the effect of your herbs. Give your weeds a little boost

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