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Volcano Digit Vaporization System
  • Volcano Digit Vaporization System
  • Vaporization System
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Volcano Digit Vaporization System

Storz & Bickel


The icon: The advantages of the VOLCANO DIGIT are its large LED display and easy handling. But no matter which VOLCANO you choose, the overall effect is the same for both.

For the evaporation process, the filling chamber with the herbs is locked onto the hot air generator. The empty valve balloon is then placed on the filling chamber, the valve opening automatically. When the hot air generator has been heated up accordingly, the pump is switched on, the hot air flows through the filling chamber, triggering the evaporation of the herbs. The resulting air / aerosol mixture is fed into the valve balloon, where it quickly cools down to ambient temperature due to the large surface area. As soon as enough aerosol has been filled, the pump is switched off and the valve balloon is removed from the filling chamber, whereby the valve closes automatically.

The mouthpiece is then inserted into the valve of the filled balloon for inhalation. Light pressure with your lips on the mouthpiece opens the valve and the herbs can be inhaled. As soon as the pressure is removed from the mouthpiece, the valve closes automatically.

Easy easy. EASY VALVE.

The EASY VALVE valve balloon is food-safe, heat-resistant and tasteless. It is available in two sizes: Standard and XL. Inhaling with the EASY VALVE valve balloon is particularly pleasant as there is practically no resistance to pulling. And thanks to the special construction of the filling chamber, which only allows a small amount of condensation, evaporation with the EASY VALVE is extremely efficient and maintenance is hardly necessary.

Like a glove.

The 6.5 cm³ EASY VALVE filling chamber fits perfectly on the VOLCANO and can be used for herbs and with the additional liquid pad also for liquids.

With just one click.

As soon as the EASY VALVE valve balloon is placed on the filling chamber, the valve opens, allowing vapors full of aromas and fragrances to flow into the balloon.

Easy easy.

When the EASY VALVE balloon is removed from the VOLCANO, the valve closes again, which means that the vapors are safely stored in the balloon.


Scope of delievery

  • pc. VOLCANO DIGIT hot air generator
  • pcs. EASY VALVE balloon with mouthpiece
  • pc. EASY VALVE balloon with adapter
  • pc. filling chamber for herbs
  • filling chamber clips
  • 1 pc. cover ring
  • standard sieve set (approx. Ø 30 mm)
  • pc. liquid pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • pc. VOLCANO air filter set
  • pc. Herb mill (about Ø 59 mm)
  • pc. cleaning brush
  • pc. of instructions for use

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