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Kleine CBD Blüten und Reste
  • Kleine CBD Blüten und Reste
  • Kleine CBD Blüten

Small CBD flowers different varieties



Small CBD blossoms "Bubblegum" and "OG Kush" are lovingly made CBD-rich indoor hemp flowers. The small CBD flowers are of the same quality as the variety offered in the assortment. These are the many small flowers and remains.
To ensure consistently high quality, the plants are grown under controlled conditions. The hemp flowers Bubblegum and OG Kush serve as raw material. The CBD content is 4 to 6% and the THC content less than 0.2%. Compliance with THC limits is continuously monitored in independent laboratories.
The name "Bubblegum" and "OG Kush" is for product marketing only. All products and the production of and at CBDNOL meet the highest quality requirements. The CBD flowers are a pure natural product guaranteed to be free of herbicides and pesticides thanks to our care. Due to the loving breeding and production, all important ingredients are included. In addition to a high CBD content, hemp contains a variety of other cannabinoids and is rich in terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients. We guarantee products free of artificial ingredients, pesticides and dyes.
Ingredients: Dried CBD-rich small hemp flowers. Indoor without seeds (Cannabis Sativa L.)
Aroma Bubblegum: sweet, fruity, earthy.
Aroma OG Kush: light-fruity, earthy, kush.
CBD & CBDA: 4-6% THC: <0.2%
Certified EU hemp registered in the EU catalog of varieties. The name "Bubblegum" and "OG Kush" is for product marketing only.

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